Our 3,500 sq.ft. manufacturing facility is equipped with the latest manufacturing technology.

Continued investment in both technology and machinery has helped us maintain a steady level of expansion, and a growing portfolio of satisfied customers, ensuring our ongoing success.

Tricorn Systems

Production Control Software

Tricorn Production gives us the flexibility to manage operations from quotations to invoicing, ensuring we meet quality, cost, efficiency and delivery targets.

Workshop Scheduling Software

Tricorn Scheduler is used for detailed workshop planning and scheduling. Seamlessly integrated into the Production Control system, Tricorn Scheduler can update the production plan instantly as requirements change and as manufacturing events are recorded on the factory floor or in the administration office.

Having accurate, detailed and live data ensures that the schedule reflects the true situation on the shop floor, allowing managers to take appropriate action based on factual information.


Shop Floor Data Capture

The Tricorn Shop Floor Data Capture system provides vital, accurate and current information to shop floor operatives.

It is driven by Tricorn Scheduler and provides real-time “work-to” lists direct to terminals so operators are immediately informed of changes to job priorities.

CAD/CAM Technology

Our CAD/CAM software has been an integral part of our Milling and Turning processes since 2004.

We are able to import customer models from which toolpaths can be generated for output to our machines, making the process both efficient and cost effective.